I’m back…. and I brought light-switch covers

That was a nice looooong 3 month nap… Since my last post, a lot has been going on! The short version is that I am having another baby so during my usual blogging time (Finn’s nap) I have been too tired to do anything. But I’m back! We are due March 6th, which makes me just over halfway. We aren’t finding out the sex of the baby because we like to be surprised. Finn had his 1st birthday in August. I took a trip to NYC with my Mom! Also we have been doing a lot of “nesting/remodeling” around the house in preparation for baby #2.

Birthday Boy August 6th

Baby #2 – 18wks

Me @ MOOD in NYC!

As you can see we have been busy, so let us not waste any more time! My computer is loaded down with pictures I was going to work on… so I have to start somewhere. Which brings me to my decorated light-switch covers. This is a really simple project and I have them all over the house. Basically all you have to do is find scrapbook paper that matches the room, use the existing light-switch cover and Mod-Podge away!

Light-switch Covers

Here is your super boring light-switch cover before:

Cut your scrapbook paper a little larger than the cover.

Bring out your ole trusty friend Mod Podge and cover the front of the light-switch with it. (I like to use the cheapy sponge brushes with Mod Podge because it will ruin a nice brush)

Place the paper on top of the light switch. Fold the sides toward the back.

Snip the corners to make it easier to glue and less bunchy.

Glue (with a glue gun) all the way around the back edge of the light switch cover. Go side by side and immediately press the paper down before it has time to dry.

Glue down all of the sides and trim the excess paper.

CAREFULLY puncture a little hole in the middle of the light switch area

Cut a diamond to the corners and glue gun them down.

Same thing with the screw area… (don’t know what else to call that)

Mod Podge on top of the finished product with 2 coats. Wait about 10 minutes between the coats.

Here is one in my kitchen,

and in my breakfast room, 
and now my bedroom!

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