Car Seat Strap Covers

Don’t you love an easy project that you can finish in just about an hour? I know I do, especially because I have problems a little trouble finishing projects in a timely fashion. I wanted to recover baby #2′s car seat and realized that was going to lead me to my previous problem, an unfinished project. I just don’t have enough time so I though I would spruce up his/her car seat straps! Not to mention, the old straps were looking a little rough. Does anyone have the Chicco Car seat? I LOVE it but the strap covers that came on it were sewn-on which made them super hard to wash. I decided to make my own with Velcro so I could wash them easier.

This project is really easy, all I did was use the existing strap covers as a template, a little quilt batting and used some existing fabric that I had. I did make my own bias tape (which is a little more time consuming) but you could just buy some for an even easier time.
Here are the original strap covers and the fabric I picked out, I wanted it to still match the carrier. I used the star fabric for the bias tape. I didn’t include how to make your own bias tape in the tutorial, you can find it online or like I said you can buy it from any craft store.

Lay out the original strap covers as a template. Trace onto your fabric and cut 4 new pieces. Front and back for both.

Don’t forget to cut the batting for the inside of the pieces like I almost did, oops!
Make (or buy) your bias tape, for the Chicco covers you need about 35″”. By the way… I have made my fair share of bias tape and I just found out that there is a cheap tool that folds the fabric for you and makes it so much easier! Where have I been? That is on the to-do list for this week.
Sew the “circles” of the strap covers with wrong sides together and the layer of batting in between. So it should be fabric facing down, batting and fabric facing up in your sewing machine.
Pin the bias tape all the say around on both covers and sew it on.

Lastly, I used a small strip of Velcro as the closure. Here is the before and after!

Not only will these be easier to take on and off, the original fabric was so scratchy and the new covers are soft fleece. I think baby 2 loves them already!

My lens is here!!!

I’m so excited because yesterday morning, my lens that I won from BlogHer arrived in the mail!! Read all about my good luck here. I have only played with it a little, (mainly because I am scared of it…) but it is amazing! The zoom is redic. I can’t wait to play outside with Finn and the lens. Look at this picture I took from my front door to my neighbor’s flowerbed:

Anyway, I have a few things I am working on but they are gifts for baby showers and vday coming up so I can’t post yet…but that gives me time to play with my lens this weekend, yay!

Log Cabin Blocks

Well these log cabin blocks are approx. 5 years old… oops!

I usually post completed projects however, I realized that I have about 20 projects that I am over halfway done with and I need to finish some of them. So, I puled out my 5 year old log cabin blocks and luckily, I really love them! (Don’t you hate to pull out an old project and you realize you don’t like it anymore… It’s like do you get rid of it, finish it, put it back where you got it…??) I love that they are all different because of the random way these blocks are sewn together.

Anyway, I have 16 completed squares and I originally was going to do 16 more to make a large throw blanket. Now I realize I have too many of those so I’m thinking of just using the 16 I have and making a “floor/tummy time” blanket for the baby. I don’t know… what would you make, any suggestions for something different?


What is a cloffice you ask? Well… our entry-way closet and our office had a baby and my husband named him “Cloffice”. As I’ve mentioned, our office/craft room has been taken over by our soon to be baby #2 (only 5 wks, yay!) so, I had to have a place for my computer desk and office stuff. Bryan really helped out as usual and did a ton of work! There is actually a lot of storage for my pictures, computer programs and all of our office supplies. I love my little cloffice!

-Full desk
-2 storage shelves
-overhead lighting
-plug (Bryan had to add an electrical outlet)
- curtain (to hide the tower, printer and wires)
-blue walls
-hanging storage on left wall

How we did it:
-we painted the whole thing first
-Bryan took measurements for the desk and shelves
-desk is the total width and depth and shelves are half as deep
-we used oil based white for the shelves and desktop
-installed desk, shelves and hung light
-sewed a simple curtain and hung it with a tension rod and clips

Do you love it as much as I do?

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