Microcrafts Book Review

A few weeks ago I got an email from Quirk Books asking if I wanted to review a book called Microcrafts. I read further and found out that the book is all about itty, bitty, tiny crafts… uuuuhhhh, Yeah I Do! I love little tiny miniatures. What is it about smaller things that are so much cuter?

It’s claim? No craft in the book is larger than a spool of thread. 

I am totally making these to-die-for little deer for Christmas that are only 2″. Are you kidding me?

Not only are the 25 craft tutorials precious but the book is really beautiful. It is quirky and fresh and would make a great coffee table book or a fun gift because it’s so unique. 

I kind of want to frame this page and hang it in a baby’s nursery.

Microcrafts is available from Quirk Books, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Do you have any hard back craft books that you love to display? I can’t even get rid of my college figure drawing book because it too pretty, this one is a great new addition :) 

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