Introducing…. Ampersand

Since this blog is all about the things I have made, I would like to introduce to one of my greatest projects ever….

Our new real life store, Ampersand! On March 2nd, my amazing Mom and I opened this little retail boutique. It has been a long time dream for both of us and we decided the only way to do it- is just to do it! So we did it, and we are in love. When people say they have their blood, sweat and tears into something, believe them. I feel like the store is kind of like my 3rd child haha. Speaking of children, the boys have been pretty amazing. My mom and I have spent the past 3 months, working, cleaning, decorating, painting, merchandising, laying floor, receiving (breakable) shipments, and setting up all with the boys by our side. For  boys that are 1 and 2; this is quite the accomplishment! 

We have been opened for only two weeks and so far it has been awesome. We did a soft open with no advertising but word of mouth and social media and we have more and more customers each day.

So what is Ampersand all about? It is a little Home Boutique that is a great place to find unique home decor,  accessories, gifts for teachers, graduates, friends, showers, babies, holidays, etc. We carry some great jewelry lines and handbags and we are also becoming quickly “famous” for our candles. We don’t offer online shopping yet so if you find yourself in Texas then come visit us! We are located right outside of Houston in cozy Friendswood, TX :) 
Of course when you do something like open up a boutique some people think you are crazy (we might be) haha. But this is seriously such a dream job for me and I hope one day that my kids know that you only live one life so make it a good one!
 I can’t even begin to tell you all of the DIY that went into the shop! I will be posting projects here and there about Ampersand but the ole blog is is staying the same :)  
You can read more about the shop at and also visit us on Facebook HERE. If you have any cool & unique finds or products then send us an email too at 

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  1. Congrats! You are living my dream – for now I’ll just have to make do with your success :)

  2. Congrats! I live about 35 minutes from Friendswood & I canNOT wait to swing by!

  3. Holy moly! I have followed your blog for awhile now and never realized you lived so near! I live up in Cypress (well, when I’m not at school…) I’ll be in town in a few weeks and will try to make it by your store!

    I can’t imagine how exciting it must be to finally be fulfilling a dream! I will be praying your store has much success!

  4. Yay!! Congrats :) Next time I’m in Texas visiting my sis… I’m coming by!!!

  5. Ahhh that is so excited!!! Congrats!!! Everything looks beautiful!!

  6. that’s so awesome! congrats on the new shop!

  7. wooaa, congrats !
    I have liked your fan page
    wish the best for your new shop :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    How exciting! I live in the area!! What is the address to the store? Sherry

  9. Oh my gosh! Love that you are living your dream!!! Wishing you lots of luck:)

  10. So cool! congrats!

  11. wow! congrats! your store is super cute! i love the name too. congrats & best of luck.

    – vanessa

  12. Hey there lady.

    The store looks great. I so need to come by and visit again. That honeycomb place setting is gorg.

    Angela Carter

    Cordell (the banker’s wife)

  13. Wow! Congratulations and good for you! I love the name and all the photos of your products are awesome! Good luck to you!

  14. Love the name. I actually recenty started selling my handmade items at a local boutique and considered naming my line Ampersand…until I found your store already claimed the name. Good luck to you! Wish I lived in Texas so I could drop by!

  15. Just found your site and I love it! I wish I lived closer to stop by your store! Everything looks amazing! Plus I love the earrings you showed! Gah! Love. CONGRATS!

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