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This is a total Mom post… I don’t know how well it would work with husbands :) Kidding! Anyway, a few weeks ago my husband and I had a little talk about how our boys are getting totally spoiled in every direction. I love how much our families love them, they definitely shouldn’t have self esteem issues later in life ha! I am also SO lucky because all of their grandparents live within 10 minutes of us. They are all super supportive and great with them, but everyone spoils the boys. Which can be a great thing but I don’t want them thinking they get a weekly present just for being cute :) So I am going to make these kids work for it… Clyde is a little young but we started a Chore Chart for Finn this week.

I wanted him to really own it so last week I taped paper to a foam board and told him to decorate it for his new chore chart, I totally hyped it up. Every day he was like, “can I color my chore chart?” Look how many hours of fun he had…
Finn will be three in August and he helped a lot, I cut out the letters but he helped me glue them to the board and he got to put the tape down for the borders. I used repositionable stickers for the current goals. I used washi tape for the borders, index cards and an envelope.
Once I feel like he has “mastered” something, I will change it out so I used the restickable tape for those.
This month:
If he does any one of these, he gets a sticker… after 20 stickers… he gets to get to go to target to get a prize. The prizes will be like $3 or under. He already has his eye on a matchbox truck. Now he is working toward something and so far he is so proud every time he gets a sticker. 
On a TMI note, I don’t think using the bog boy potty is every going to happen, I guess I will be changing diapers forever. I guess it is a good thing he’s cute.
So, do you have a chore chart at your house? What “goals” do you have? I’m thinking of making your bed and getting dressed by yourself for next month. Also any potty tips for boys who are stubborn and don’t like to poo in the loo? 
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  1. I think this is a fabulous idea. We did this with 3 of our kids (the 4th is too tiny) but they loved the challenge and of course the rewards. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi I am your newest follower and I believe in these Chores Charts. I made one for my son when he was 5 and we still use it 3 years later. We just had to adjust the chores and I also added a reward chart to encourage the work to be done quicker. This is also helpful for my 2 year old who sees her big brother doing it and cannot wait to get in on the action.
    Hope you can follow back.

  3. Even though my lil one just turned one, I am always on the hunt for good ideas like this! Thanks so much for sharing!

    New follower. Glad I found your blog!

    The Pretty Pinhead

  4. This is such a cute idea!

  5. thanks for sharing..

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