InstaFriday – Week 4

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Insta Friday already? Here is a little glimpse into the other side of things over at TaylorMade, follow along on InstaGram @taylormadeblog
Last weekend, Mom and I drove from Houston to Dallas and back in one day…. uhh long drive- but we love going to get new stuff for the shop :)
This is what most of the drive looks like, oh Texas Summers… even the picture looks hot right.
Are you sensing a pattern with all of my Margarita pictures? I guess I can’t live without a weekly Margarita
Cool cat, Getting a “big boy drink” (cup with a straw and lid) makes him feel very cool ha
Family Nature walk at the park, the boys would live outside if I would let them
This is just a normal scene for us, helicopter flying with his safety goggles on
This week I made my Dr Oz Juice and put it into the blender with blueberries and ice for a smoothie
Entertaining Clyde while Bryan checks out at the Grocery Store, those last 20 mins of Grocery Shopping are pretty bad :/
Yum, shrimp on the grill, and these are literally the worlds BEST borracho beans!
Cute boys in their funny hats
My little pumpkin waiting to see the Dr… His prognosis: he is getting tubes in a few weeks, he has had too many ear infections poor baby
So excited that I’m starting a new quilt, is anyone else doing the Zig Zag Quilt Along @Mommy by Day Crafter by Night?
The kids had so much fun this week at the Houston Children’s Museum. We went with our friends Holley and Julia and all the kids were dead asleep within 5 minutes of the ride home, the sign of a good day!
How cute are they at the little news desk haha
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Dont forget to enter the Mod Podge Giveaway HERE

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  1. i miss texas!!!! thanks for sharing the pics! :)

  2. I LOVE the sunglasses photo! Sounds like a long fun trip. I am just left of where the O is on the Oklahoma part of your map.

  3. Aw thanks! We are kind of “close” haha

  4. Can I have your borracho bean recipe? Pretty Please!

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