A Huge Land Of Nod Giveaway

It’s that time again… time for another Land of Nod Giveaway! It’s no secret that I LOVE Land of Nod. I am a contributor to their Blog, which is an amazing collaboration of creative and inspiring moms. I had the chance again to choose a toy (or two) to try out and more importantly… to give away! This year they went above and beyond the call of duty and let me pick anything- which was harder that the SATs. 

A funny thing happens when you become a mom… the happiness of your kids is worth ten times your own.  So imagine my excitement when I tried to pick a toy to test out and give away. I finally decided on these – the “In the Market Shopping Cart” and the “Your Total Is Cash Register“. I had a theme going on and it’s foreshadowing some Christmas gifts to come :) 

Want to know what we thought and want to win both of these Land of Nod Toys? 
Giveaway HERE

Congrats to Winner: Aimee Friedrichsen – giveaway now closed

5 Minute Heart Art

Remember my Gallery Wall? Well, I added a few pieces to the left so then you know what happened don’t you? I needed something on the right…obviously. Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with polka dots, especially black dots on white or cream. So when I saw this paper I knew what I had to do. Other loves include but are not limited to; hearts, squares, felt and the color green. Basically this piece of “art” (can I even call it that?) is just a piece of felt behind a square piece of paper with a shape cut into it. 

I used a record frame from Ikea. (2 of the 5 minutes are taken by opening the frame)

I cut out my shape.

Taped felt to the back of the paper and put it in the frame. 

Bonus points if you can spot the new pieces… the original gallery wall post can be found HERE and the DIY Hoop Art can be found HERE

In the meantime… I’m busy with my last minute Christmas Crafting that I procrastinated on. And I can’t really share many projects until they have been revealed to the new owners. (and I can’t share the boys quilts because they aren’t even close to being done! ha) Is anyone else behind? 

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BabbaBox Fun and a Coupon Code

Have you guys heard of BabbaBox? It is a theme-based box that is delivered each month to you and your kiddos (ages 3-6). I knew it would have a craft included so I thought, crafts = I’m in. But then I was surprised to find that it even included a free app, a book, a parent gift and a little activity for the kids too, all having to do with the theme. I had the opportunity to try it out with my little man – the theme we received was “Sun, Moon and Stars”.

There are 4 “activities” revolved around the theme.

There were two craft options… naturally we did both :) I was glad to learn that each of these crafts took less than 10 minutes each- my son is 3 and his crafting attention span isn’t much longer than that haha. They give you every supply and step by step instructions!

Our craft was totally age appropriate! With the exception of blowing up the balloon (which clearly he gave it his best ha) he could do everything by himself.

Here is our finished Moon Night Light, which he totally loves!

We also love the app (little brothers new favorite) and the binoculars! My overall opinion: we actually loved it! We are thinking of signing up… (and if you are there is a code at the end of the post too :)

From BabbaBox:

BabbaBox is a theme-based box delivered to your door that allows you to enjoy a little convenience and inspiration! As any parent can attest, the most important thing you can give to your child is quality time. BabbaBox makes this possible by helping you to save time, money, & mindspace.
Just think! Fantastic monthly activities with ALL the materials for kids ages 3-6. Included in the box are 3 projects + 1 bestselling book + digital download + parent surprise gift!
The best part? Babbabox makes a GREAT unique gift during the holiday season.
Act now! Get 50% off your first month when you sign up for a monthly membership using the code, SWAY100. Offer expires December 31, 2012.
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BabbaBox. The opinions and text are all mine.

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my love for Calendars

It’s no secret that I love organization. It’s also no secret that I love Paperies. So when Minted, whom I love (and is also and awesome TaylorMade sponsor) told me about their new calendars, I was all over it! I have a calendar problem, I can’t get enough… I have one in every room! I haven’t gotten my hands on mine yet- it’s on the way- but apparently Minted has just introduced a new Matte Paper that is the best of the best. I love that you can customize them for your family, or they have really pretty generic options too for a gift.

But my favorite part is that you can customize the inside and I love how big it is… let the organization begin haha!

Also new to Minted is the “gift” section. I really love the journals and the stationary. Love the unique shapes!

So tell me I not the only one with a calendar problem haha??

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this post was sponsored by Minted but all opinions are 100% my own! I really do love Minted… and Calendars :) 

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