What I Love – February Edition

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1. this print was the first thing I ever “favorited” on Etsy, I just made up a new word!
2. I Love B&B has anyone tried this flavor?
3. I just found out about these and I need them so bad! Pouches you can add anything to… reuse them and put them in the dishwasher, LOVE! My kids love “squeezers” as they call them- yogurt or applesauce. But they are expensive and there is a lot of trash involved. These are brilliant!
5. best color ever!
6. I have been eyeing her fabric for months, I need every thing in her Etsy Shop
7. I want to make a weekender bag, for those who have made one, how long does it take?
9. I am recently obsessed with Vintage Jadite and don’t own one piece haha… new collection?

What is everyone else loving this month?

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  1. i’m on the hunt for a good engagement gift. #1 might be perfect. gonna check it out now! good looking out!

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