Barrel Chair Makeover

This is the story of a chair. It all started two years ago when I bought a chair at a garage sale and was so happy to take it home and give it the makeover it deserved. Then I threw it in the garage because I don’t know the first thing about reupholstering furniture. I called around locally to find a place that would recover it… I was looking at over $400. I didn’t need it that bad, so there it sat collecting sawdust. Then I got a crazy thought… maybe I could do it? I said to myself- you’re crafty, how hard could it be… get out there and recover that chair. So I drug it inside, And I did it! Probably the most challenging DIY to date! It wasn’t that easy… and now I know why people wanted to charge me $400. It’s not perfect but I have a new chair and I’m glad I challenged myself.

Just in case my crazy plan didn’t work I didn’t want to spend a fortune on fabric. When I got the original quotes a few companies told me I would need about 6 yards of fabric, and upholstery aint cheap. I was telling my super smart mom all about my chair and she suggested getting a cheap muslin/canvas and make my own fabric. So that was my first step, props mom :) I got 6 yards of muslin for $2.99 and used my 40% coupon. Then I found a color palette I loved and some small foam pouncers.

The trouble was finding where to hand stamp 6 yards of fabric with two little boys on a rainy day. I left our only table to eat on like this for 3 days, my husband loved it :) Sometimes we have to make sacrifices for creativity, right?

After I took 1 million pictures of the chair “before” to reference, I started ripping it to pieces. I even posted a pic on Instagram about the OTHER fabric I found underneath. That’s right, this was not its first experience with reupholstering. That orange tweed was on the bottom and the whole inside of the chair.

This step also included some “outside time” on a pretty day… after the orange tweed situation there was dust and a smell :/ so I broke out the Lysol and some hot soapy water and went to town. 

 After my fabric was done my plan was to just lay out each piece on the fabric using that as a template, which worked really well.

I made sure to take out all of the previous staples that I could. I also used man tools like pliers and clamps :) Then I made yards and yards of piping. Overall, piecing the chair together was really fun, it was just a puzzle then involved a lot of staples. The cushion and the pillow were the only sewing I had to do. The hardest part was that back pillow because it was such an odd shape. 

The very last thing was the piping, and I just used hot glue because that’s how it was when I took the chair apart.

I really love the way it turned out. I also loved doing it, yes it was hard but this is my hobby… I don’t like boring crafting haha. It was a challenge but I am glad I can say I once reupholstered a chair. I will also be glad to pay someone else to do it next time :) 

Before and After

a million chair shots….

So what do you think? Have you ever reupholstered any furniture? Or does anyone have any tips?

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How to Glaze Furniture

I love that a blog post can jump-start the finishing of a project. This series, Craft Spaces, made me finish my green table that I thought about painting for a long time. So, I finally did. Yay for making goals and actually completing them, even if it is only painting a table :) So here is a little “How To” for your Monday enjoyment.

I really like the look of Glazed Furniture, I think it adds the perfect amount of dullness to a bright paint color. That and I have an issue with too many conflicting wood colors. The key to glazing is finding the right piece of furniture. Make sure there are a lot of nooks and crannies. This table almost doesn’t have enough but I was OK with that. The glaze sticks into the cracks to give it the antiqued look. 
This Queen Ann Table was in our house growing up, it was modern in the early 90′s. And I LOVE the lines and the scroll of it. My Mom let me have it when we bought our first house. She is good about getting rid of outdated furniture. And that it was, super solid but just a little outdated…

- sandpaper
- base paint (I used Behr in Granny Smith Apple)
- metallic glaze (I used Martha Stewart in Black Coffee)
- paint brush and foam brush
- an old rag


I sometimes had to do this step a few times, I would wipe too much off. I tried it with a damp towel and a dry one, they have different effects so play around with it.

And here she is in lighting up the Craft Room.

Very doable and I love the outcome… perfect for garage sale finds, do you think you can do it?
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Truck Table

If you ask my son, “What do you want to do today?” you will get the same answer every single day. “Pway Twucks “. So in order to have even more truck playing time in my life, I made him a truck table for his birthday. I actually started out looking to buy one but they were all so bulky and expensive… DIY to the rescue.

Here is how the truck table magic happened:
I started with a cheap coffee table from Walmart. First step is to prep the table top. I did most of this but I had my husband pose for the pictures. The man can build anything but can’t take a picture to save his life.

Tips for the table prep:
- Don’t attach the legs
- Brush off the extra dust after sanding
- Make sure the tape goes all the way to the edge
- Apply 2-3 thin coats of primer and let that dry overnight

Now you want to tape off your “roads”. Just get creative. I measured two matchbox cars side by side and figured 3″ could be a good width for the cars to pass each other. So all of my roads are 3″ wide. Use painters tape to cover where the roads will be. I made a big square for the parking lot.

I painted green for the grass and added a lake in the corner. 

Remove the tape…

Paint your roads in with black paint.

For the street lines, I used white vinyl and cut it into tiny strips.

Cover the whole table with a clear coat.

My favorite part is the drawer that I thought of  :) Pretty much just an “L” shaped rail that we screwed to the bottom of the table. Make sure to get a tupperware with a lip so it can slide in and out.

I would say it was a successful bday present! I knew about sports but no one warned me when I had boys  I would play trucks every day :) But I am ok with it. 

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