Baby Bunny Plushie

Last month my friend gave birth to precious little Madi Lou. Of course I had to make her something handmade, as you know I use any excuse to make something girly :) I wanted to make a little plushie and because it was around Easter, I guess I had bunnies on the brain. 
I searched for the perfect pattern but didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I did find the “Stuffed Menswear Bunny” from my friend Martha Stewart HERE. It’s a free pattern, so I printed it out then hacked it (sorry martha). I added quite a few inches to the legs and arms. 
My favorite part?… the ears. I wish I would have added interfacing so they would stick up better on their own. 
I also love the little felt bow. I glued it on and sewed it on too. I wanted to make sure it would stay put if little Madi tugged at it. I also added a little taylormade tag to the butt. 

I threw in a few of my favorite Burp Cloths. I posted all about those HERE

Madi Lou also got a hand-dyed TaylorMade Onesie. You can find those in the shop HERE

All girly and all handmade. What is better than that?

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Diaper Bag Tag

Welcome to the last installment of the baby shower :) You can read more about the shower HERE and about the Baby Quilt I made HERE. I just needed a little something to add to the baby’s basket. I always wanted to make one of these for my boys, but they are kind of too big now. Big boy backpacks and lunchboxes that they hold themselves…. so sad. 
For the tag, I kind of added as I went but I did snap a new (night) pics. First, I used my PSA Monogram Stamps and stamped right on the solid pink fabric. I used really stiff interfacing and sandwiched each fabric with that in between.
Then I started layering by sewing directly onto the next fabric. 

I traced a tag shape onto the base fabric with fabric marker. Then added a ribbon and backed it with felt. I sewed directly on that line.
Then I put it all together.
This is really cute added to the wrapping of a baby gift too! 

I also made little tags for the headband bar at the shower.

Remember this.

For the “activity” all of the guests made Gabby a headband.  I made 3 different sized headbands and I wanted Gabby to know who made which band. So I made these little gift tags and used my Cameo to cut uniform circles quickly.

Then I used another PSA stamp to add the cute little animals.

I added bakers twine and just hand wrote “size” and “from” on the back.

Last shot of what the new mommy got to take home :)

Whew… and there you have my (what took me two weeks) round up of the Baby Shower Events. It’s always fun to plan something crafty. I have another shower I’m co-hosting coming up in April, yay! 

For more ideas on how to use these stamps visit PSA Stamp Camp blog!

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Baby Blanket with Name Applique

A new mom can never have too many baby blankets, right? Especially ones with names on them. You want every excuse to see your new baby’s name in action. And a handmade baby blanket is something you keep forever. Here is Gabby’s baby blanket I made for her Shower last week. (Shower details HERE)

I started by making the ruffled edges. I found pretty pink gingham and tore it into strips.

Then I used my ruffle foot. And ruffled, and ruffled and ruffled.

I used a yard of minky for the back and a yard of the floral print cotton for the front.
I rounded the corners with a bowl. Then, put the minky aside because its time for the appliqued name :)

For the applique, I ironed wonder-under to the back of the fabric. I printed out the name and traced the letters (BACKWARDS) on the back of the wonder-under.

Then I cut out the letters (and took the back of the WO off) and placed them on the fabric. Next, Iron.

Then I used a very sloooow zig zag stitch around each letter. Voila, easy applique done.

To put the quilt together, I actually sewed my ruffle to the minky first. The minky can get slippery and I tend to get messy so this made it nice and neat.

Then, put right sides together with the ruffle in between. The line from the ruffle serves as a guide, I used a 1/4″ seam allowance from that seam. Don’t forget to leave an opening to flip.

Once you have flipped, Press the seams down and top stitch all the way around.

What baby girl doesn’t love pink minky?

Pretty pink package :)

Stay tuned later this week for more shower details, including flag bunting that I may or may not have wanted to keep, a baby bag tag and some cute stamped gift tags!

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Cirque Du Bebe themed Baby Shower

You all know my excitement for things related to crafting for baby girls. Imagine my excitement when I found out we would be throwing a girl shower… ahhh- pink! And remember my group of girlfriends called “The Coyotes”? I introduced them properly in THIS post, we have been friends for 20+ years. One of them announced her pregnancy last summer and we obviously started planning the shower right away. But her precious baby girl decided to come too early and had to spend some time in the NICU. She is such a strong healthy girl is currently home now :) We had the shower last week right before she came home. 

I was responsible for the decorations and  helping set up the headband bar. I really can’t take credit for anything else. Our Theme: Cirque Du Bebe – french circus, pink and grey, elephants, polka dots, stripes and more pink :) I made the GABBY banner with my Cameo, and the ruffled streamers (via MADE).

For the Headband Bar; I made 3 different sized headbands in 6 colors. I also made gift tags that I will share later this week. Then we just got buttons, flowers, sequins, ribbon, felt, and fabric scraps to set on the table. We set out some “instructions” and a hot glue gun. One of the girls found an Eiffel Tower to display the finished headbands on.

The girls did an amazing job with the food. 

They even made paper cones for popcorn and “french fires” and displayed them in peanuts in keeping with the French Circus theme. 

I also made a bunting using Gabby’s nursery colors so she could use it at home too. 

We had a little punch bar complete with mason jars and paper straws. 

The cake was not only beautiful but was so good too! I made the cake bunting with the scrap fabric from the name banner. I double sided the flags and glued them to bakers twine.
I have talented friends :) 
I made some happy garland (also via MADE), because it’s so easy that I am now addicted to making it. One of the girls brought a baby book to match our theme. 

Here are all of the hosts. With an action shot of my bunting.

It was such a success. How could it not be with a pink theme :) Happy Shower Day Gabby!

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