I Wheelie Like You Valentine

Last week Jamie from C.R.A.F.T. asked me to share a cheesy valentine craft for her series “Share the Love”. In case you missed it over there, here it is again! (fun fact, Jamie and I are going to be roomies at Blissdom Conference in a few weeks, yay!) When she asked us to choose a saying naturally I picked a boy friendly one :) My boys are obsessed with cars/trucks/boats/planes/trains… the usual boys stuff. So, I knew they would love a Car Valentine to give to their friends!
All you need:
dollar store cars/trucks
washi tape
printer and scissors
I found these neon trucks at the dollar store, 12 for $1 – score!
Link to the Free Printable. Just print at 100% for 6 Valentines!
I used a small piece of washi tape and cut it in half lengthwise. 
Super easy…
…and Boy Approved :) 

Valentine Mantle

Happy February 
happy garland (tutorial at MADE)

heart banner (tutorial HERE)

birdcage with a fresh coat

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thanks & giving dish towels

What? How is it already Thanksgiving week? I’m totally not ready, mainly because October-December is my favorite time of year and I feel like it’s halfway gone. Anyway, I made these dishtowels to hang in the store but I ended up loving them- so I kept them :)

I went to Joann’s looking for “dishtowel” material (what ever that means) and found something perfect. Isn’t this waffle fabric such dishtowel material? I serged the edges, pressed them down and sewed a hem all the way around.

Then, I cut the fabric to fit over the dishtowel the same way I make my burp cloths. If you have a serger you can serge to the exact size, if not you will need just fold the edge over. Then I used a zig-zag stitch to attach the fabric to the edges of the dish towels.

Fold your towels the way they will hang to determine where you will stamp your words. Then tape off the section for the words.

Of course, I used my PSA Essentials. The great thing about these stamps is the “stamper” that comes with them. It gives you a perfect stamp each time but I wanted a more “rustic” looking letter so I used the stamp on an acrylic block. Also that helped me to line up the letters easier.

Center your words and stamp away.

I love how they turned out. Also, last week my son moved them and I walked by and they said “giving… thanks” Still works. For other PSA Stamps ideas, visit the blog HERE.

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Trick or Treat Bags

Halloween really snuck up on me this year. I thought I was so ahead of the game when I made the boys these bags last month then I just stopped and I’m still not done with their costumes :/ I will be done by Halloween because I have to be. Anyway, I love how these turned out.. really easy and I only spent about $2 total for both bags.

I had these little muslin bags that something came it and I didn’t want to throw them away because I thought they were pretty. I cut them and taped them down to a board.

I used my PSA Alphabet stamps to stamp “trick or treat” on the muslin (I use staz on for fabric stamping). I sewed that to an orange dishcloth I found in the $ section of target.

Then I sewed that to some black duck cloth.

Then sewed the black duck cloth together to make a bag. Then I used cotton belting for the straps but I taped them off and used black fabric paint to make stripes.

Yay, so easy… and of course I had to make two that look identical. I am at the stage where I know way better than to make different colors, styles, prints etc. Because it so much cooler if it’s your brother’s right?

Is everyone else ready for Halloween? What do your kids use for candy bags? 

I’m going to share one more easy stamp project tomorrow before the big “costume reveal” if you haven’t been following along on Instagram yet. For more great ideas on how to use these stamps visit PSA Stamp Camp blog :)

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