InstaFriday – Fall Edition

life rearranged

I somehow skipped a month of InstaFriday so here is a little glimpse of October + November. Follow the insta-fun @taylormadeblog.

-lots of outside time
-working on Project Life
-a new painting
-closed toed shoes = fall 
-the boys playing with dad’s legos from the 80′s
-rocking out little boy style
-making and loving butcher block dinners via LBB
- my husband and his jokes
- Happy 5 year wedding anniversary to us!
- Halloween boy sewing
-sweet morning boys
-putting up the Christmas Tree
-good target finds
-sad tears after having to leave the B&N Train :(
-the Color Run :)
-iPad Quiet Time
- girl sewing, for a baby shower- more posts to come
- pumpkin painting
- YHL Book signing!

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Have a great weekend

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InstaFriday – September Edition

I love doing InstaFriday posts… is a little mini-trip down a recent memory lane. I always link up to InstaFriday over a Life Rearranged. Today on her post she wrote that Instagram is sometimes referred to as micro-blogging. No wonder I like it. I also love that it doesn’t have to be perfect, so here is a look at our un-perfect September :)

life rearranged

I just love this picture, he is trying so hard haha… he is a tough one, and stubborn too.

Here is something I have to do every single morning – make my bed… after this picture my Mom reminded me that I was never like this growing up. Then I realized that I have developed a bed making OCD as an adult. So a few times this week I didn’t make it. I am a rebel.

My husband is literally the best Pico Maker EVER. He could bottle it and we would be rich. This is the recipe we use and we usually make them with out Turkey Tostadas HERE.

Houston Blogger Symposium

The Ice Cream Cone Attacker

If you follow me on Facebook you already know this story but this actually happened. I was sitting on the floor of the craft room one night and Finn walks up to me and Clyde and says, say cheese… and had all of the settings right and took this in focus picture! He just turned 3… My husband is now fired.

I started (and finished) book #2 in the Divergent Series… highly recommended- I have to wait a whole year for #3 boo hoo

This has class written all over it, Hot Dogs and Wine. Oh, and we ran out of relish so I put pickles on it.

I ordered Bento Stuff for the boys lunches from Japan. I even paid in Yen. I’m so cool.

Now this is a birthday party… and I’m certain my husbands idea of hell haha. My poor husband, when he walks in to the boys classrooms he goes white. He is a one-on-one type of person, this many kids that talk and have needs scare him. Its a good thing or I think I would just keep having kids.

I made THIS recipe that I pinned a few weeks ago – Its a pumpkin and chocolate swirled bunt with a cream cheese frosting… sooooo good!

This is seriously the creepiest toy ever. They sell them at Joanns and Finn was so in love with it. He sleeps with it and talks about “wolfie” all the time… creepy.

Photo Organization Finished for 2011, too bad its 2012

Embarrassing, mom and I came to the shop wearing the same outfit haha

Spoonflower fabric for the ISpy Swap over at Crafterhours.

Girls Texans game with my mom and sis last weekend, so fun.

So, can your 3 yr old take better pictures than your husband? And do you have a super creepy toy hanging around your house?

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InstaFriday – August Edition

It it already September? Cray… here are the August happenings Instagram Style. Follow me at taylormadeblog.

life rearranged

Bryan made this pallet coffee table for the store but we are growing and no longer had room there so we brought it home… for the boys its the greatest piece of furniture we have ever owned.

My husband and I got to go on the very rare date night! They opened a Bonefish Grill right by our house… $3 wine and this lobster roll was amazing!

Hanging out in a cooler

Birthday Boy with a hungry little brother

The boys almost died of shock when I took them to the park haha… I don’t tolerate heat well and in the summer here its at least 98 most days so it doesn’t happen often – poor kids

The park makes for thirsty littles

Has anyone tried this homemade fired rice recipe… I pinned it a while ago and it was really good

an at home haircut, mom was the most nervous haha!

I am more caught up on my Project Life book than I have ever been on a scrapbook in my life! Woo Hoo, update coming soon :)


Sewing and wine at my moms one night – so fun!

Ampersand - (ps exciting news, we are going to offer online shopping soon, stay tuned and like us on Facebook for updates :)

Back to school shoe shopping. I let them totally pick out their own shoes this year which I thought would be easy with two boys, well these two have specific qualifications in shoes haha

headband twins and the ever popular “rc car face”

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InstaFriday – July Edition

Here is my July, in InstaGrams… follow me at taylormadeblog.
life rearranged
Last Dr Appt checking on Clyde’s finger… it’s almost back to normal. Speaking of normal, if you have boys this should look normal:
I picked Finn up from school to find him like this on face painting day. I told him I like that airplane and he said, “No I AM an airplane”.
Getting our roadtrip started right, with some coldplay :)
Here we are bright and early on the road to the mini-vacay we took.

Here is my mom and sis on vacation… on a soft grassy hill :)

Someone is ready to use his goggles haha, he made some serious progress in the swimming dept on this trip!
Theme park for the last day of our trip, it was rainy and a Monday so it was perfect for us! No lines :)
Is someone having trip withdrawals?
My sewing machine was collecting dust. So,  I whipped up some new throw pillows for our bed.
First time playing candyland. Not sure he understands the point of the game or how to “win” but he likes to draw the cards and find that color on the game board… its a start right?
My cute new hand stamped bracelet from Michell at Girl in Air.
Love these guys… Bryan and I were taking a picture and we totally got photobombed but a really cute little man.
One of our favorites, Broiled Cheesy Tomatoes with Basil.
Everyone needs a clean diaper

Poor us, we all four caught a 24 hr stomach bug :( First Clyde, then me then these two.

And these sweet boys kept coming to check on me in bed and sit by me for a few minutes

Finn’s Bday Party Day!

Best Slip n Slide EVER!!

My sister and I on a lunch date.
How was your July? I feel like the stomach bug wiped us out a little but we ended on a happy note with the super fun Bday Party! Don’t you think Mom’s should be immune from getting stomach bugs?
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