DIY Ornament Party

Remember last year when I hosted the first DIY Ornament Party? Well, my friends (the coyotes) had so much fun they insisted on round two ;)

paint dripped ornaments

I kept it simple like last year. I made an appetizer and I asked each girl to bring one too. I also made a dessert and had wine. We meet once a month and we usually have a meal but for this, it’s easier to just have snacks since there is crafting to be done!

For the ornaments I got a pack of clear glass bulbs. Then I set out a bunch of different paint colors and some paint brushes and sponges. At each spot I placed a few paper towels, some water and I used a plastic Tupperware lid for our paint palettes.

diy ornament party

Some of us painted on the outside and some on the inside. I did the “squeeze paint into the ornament” method.

diy ornament party

diy ornament party

They all turned out so pretty and obviously we had fun too!

diy ornament party

diy ornament party

After they dried overnight I wrote the year on the outside with sharpie. This is what I ended up with…

paint dripped ornaments

paint dripped ornaments

So, has anyone hosted a make your own ornament party? I am going to need some more ideas as I see this is becoming an annual thing :)

a day of painting


Last week I went on a painting kick. I go in waves with my craft of choice. Does anyone else do that? I will be all about sewing for a few weeks then get sick of it and do nothing but paper crafts. Last week it was paint.

I had a blank canvas sitting on my shelf that had been there for weeks. I decided to slap some color on it. I literally just picked out 8-10 colors and just squirted them right on the canvas then using sideways strokes only, brushed until there was no more white space. I talked on the phone with my mom for 10 minutes during nap time and it was done!


But then just like in the “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” books, something happened. I set my new painting up on my shelf just inches away from THIS PAINTING and it was terrible. The colors clashed and there was only one thing to do, paint some more.

Using the lines that were already there, I painted over each color with a new color.


To be honest, I’m still not sure if I love it but the colors are a definite improvement for the room.


Here they are with another sneak peak of the craft room. I will get around to taking pictures of everything eventually!



So what do you think of the new colors… I’m not sure about that orange/peach, can it handle a 3rd makeover?

a DIY Chalkboard (take 2) and mommy issues

DIY Chalkboard

Look, I blogged :)

I wont lie, this summer has been a little hard on me. The boys are at an age where we all need a break from each other but that hasn’t happened. We have been together 24 hours a day since school got out in mid May. The energy level is at an all time high, it’s HOT and I’m not an outside girl. We have 11 days until school starts, not that I’m counting or anything. It’s just Mother’s Day out for two half days a week but it’s very needed in our house. I try to remember that I will miss these precious days. I am so thankful to be a stay at home mom and sometimes I can’t believe I get to raise these kids, but my alone time, and my DIY days have gotten harder to come by. They have a hard time going down at night so they stay up late, they wake up early, the naps are slim… there is a lot of refereeing to be done. I know everything changes quickly with kids so I am looking forward to a new routine and a fresh start. Any tips on how to survive another summer with strong-willed toddler boys in 100 degree weather is much appreciated! Come on Fall!

On a lighter note, last weekend we didn’t have any plans so I jumped on a few simple DIYs that were on my list. I made another chalkboard, I just cant get enough. You can check out my 1st one HERE.

This time I used a frame from Goodwill that my mom had lying around.

diy chalkboard

My husband cut a piece of plywood to fit right in the lip of the frame.


Then I painted the chalkboard paint right on. I used the liquid quart paint and roller method this time as opposed to the spray paint. I actually liked this way better. It only took 2 coats and went on way smoother and easier.


Then, last week I saw Jess from Craftiness is Not Optional post this on Instagram. It’s a really cool and easy chalkboard lettering technique that she got from Hello Beautiful Blog. Its my new go to way to write on chalkboards! Once the paint dried, I used this technique for writing a little heading on my chalkboard.




I used wood glue to hold the plywood into the frame and let it dry over night. Don’t forget to season it by rubbing chalk on its side all over and erasing. Voila… a new chalkboard using only scraps!

diy chalkboard

Here it is in its new home. And a little sneak peek of my craft room :) My husband and I have been working hard to make this place the “worlds best craft room”. And it is.

craft room

Custom Pup Silhouette Art

Hi Friends, I’m “back”. I haven’t posted in a few weeks- and it felt good because I spent lots of good quality family time, some inspiring craft time and some crazy Christmas rush “I own a retail store” time. I also was a busy bee making some gifts that I couldn’t share before the holiday, but its back to life; back to reality. So now I can share them all, bring on the late holiday crafts :) 
Here is Mack… My sister’s pride and joy. I just hope that one day when she has children- she can like them as much as she loves her dog. He obviously leads a rough life!
She is also starting a gallery wall so I figured this would be the best present ever. The hardest part is getting the silhouette of the dog. It wouldn’t be as hard if the dog is actually yours, but in this case I googled. Mack is half Boston Terrier/Half Pug so I found something a little more squatty and I stretched the image out in Photoshop. 
Then I cut out the silhouette using my Cameo and stuck it to a white canvas. I also taped off the sides of the canvas to keep them white, but you could spray them too.
Then I went outside and sprayed it. I used 3 light coats of spray paint. (color is Lemon Grass by Rustoleum) 
The best part is always peeling the vinyl off. So gratifying. 
Very Mack-like if I do say so myself. 
White edges, and a special hidden message on the back :) 

Such an easy, custom gift for the dog obsessed sister in your life :) I will be back soon with more holiday presents. Did anyone else make silhouette art over the Holiday?

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